Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why The Heck Am I Doing This Blog?

Early in the morning, on the first day of the kids going back to school this past fall, I was running and pulled a muscle on the backside of my groin area.
Yeah. Ouch.

(This is not me, by the way...)

A few days earlier, I had been doing some stretching that was beyond what my 45-year-old body could and should be able to handle. I felt just a tiny pop in "that" spot, but it didn't hurt, and I didn't think anything of it. Just kept up my normal routine for the next few days, jogging and stretching and Tae Bo. But on that Tuesday after Labor Day, about 2.5 miles into my planned long-run of 8 miles, I felt IT. I pushed on to the end of my lap, then called it a day.

I was limping around in pain that morning, trying to get Tanner ready for his first day of Kindergarten, and by the time we got back from the 2ish-hour-long orientation, I was done.

I had my hubby go and get some crutches for me.

I knew that I needed to just go easy on it so that it would heal quicker and without further damage.

And a couple of weeks later, just as I was thinking I could go out and run again, my naked big toe had an encounter with the razor-sharp edge of a step-stone just outside our back door. Didn't do any real damage, just sliced through the thick skin on the end, but it did stop me from trying to run.

And a few weeks after that, I kicked the bench at the kitchen table, my littlest toe taking all the impact. Again, just an annoying injury, but enough to keep me from my workouts again.
In the meantime, I was reversing all the physical progress I had made over the previous six months or so. By the end of September, I had gained back 8 pounds. I started working out again, doing Tae Bo barefoot in my basement, because the pressure of my athletic shoe hurt my baby toe. So the weight gain slowed.

I "only" gained 2 more over Halloween, and another 2 over Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years. What was I blessed to learn through this experience?

That if you consume more calories that you burn, you gain.

That's a "duh" lesson, I know, but it was vastly proven to me by my quick weight gain. It also showed me that I have not been eating properly.
And that weight loss is 20% exercise, and 80% what you Eat.

So, I am starting this blog, as a kind of kick-in-the-pants to get myself motivated to eat right. I'm going to record everything that I eat, how I exercise, and maybe a few tips and recipes that I learn along the way. I've had a version of this on my sidebar on my original blog since March 2009.
So come back here if you what to cheer me on, or jeer at me and kick my butt back into business if I go off track!

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